What do I do if my family member or friend is experiencing a mental health crisis?

If the individual is attempting or at imminent risk of self-harm or a danger to others or property, call your local law enforcement agency/911, and request a Crisis Intervention Team.  Any law enforcement officer who has a reasonable belief formed upon investigation that an individual is a mentally ill person, and because of such is likely to cause harm to self or others if allowed to remain at liberty, may take the person into custody without a warrant. Law enforcement may arrive with a Johnson County Mental Health “co-responder” who can assist with de-escalation and initial assessment. If appropriate, officers will transport the individual to the nearest ER/treatment facility, where they will be evaluated.  See K.S.A. 59-2953 at Information Network of Kansas (INK) statutes page.

If the person in crisis will agree to go with you voluntarily to the nearest emergency room, and you feel that is safe, take them there for assessment. Call the Johnson County Mental Health Center (JCMHC) crisis line if you have questions: 913-268-0156.