Internship Program

The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office has a paid intern program for law students that have completed their second year of law school.  On-campus interviews are generally conducted in the Fall of a student’s second year.  Pursuant to Kansas Supreme Court Rule 719, interns can appear on cases under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

The program starts in May and lasts until the intern graduates from law school.  Our interns get valuable experience in handling cases from their filing all the way through final disposition.  This does include valuable jury trial experience as a second chair and as lead prosecutor on some cases. 

The paid intern program began in 1994 and has seen over 100 law students complete the program.  Many of those graduates have received employment in the Johnson County office as well as other prosecutor offices around the country.  Currently sixteen of our attorneys are graduates of the internship program.  We are proud of the work that our interns perform and the experience that they receive during their year with us.  For individuals that have not completed their second year of law school, we do interview individuals that are interested in volunteering or working for law school credit. 

"Interning at the Johnson County DA's Office provided me with a unique learning experience.  As an intern, not only did I have the opportunity to learn from and work with experienced attorneys - I also received invaluable courtroom experience.  Interns are able to appear in court often, manage a caseload with the guidance of their mentor, and conduct court trials."  Chelsea Barnett, 2011 University of Kansas School of Law