In-Court Traffic Diversion

Diversion is allowed on the same charge only if the defendant has had a period of 6 months after the dismissal date from their successfully completed diversion to the date of the next citation. For a list of common infractions eligible for the In-Court and Mail-In Traffic Diversion programs.

Certain charges require specific documentation to be eligible for Traffic Diversion. You must provide these documents to the District Attorney's Traffic Unit before you will be allowed to start diversion and payment in full is required at the time the Diversion Agreement is signed.

  • No Proof of Insurance
    • Valid current 6 months prepaid insurance
  • Registration
    • Valid current registration receipt
  • No Valid Driver License
    • Valid driver’s license
  • Tint Violation
    • Proof of tint removal (receipt or pictures)
  • Fishing without a License
    • Valid Fishing License
  • Defective Vehicle Equipment
    • Proof showing equipment deficiency is fixed

You may call the District Attorney's Traffic Unit at (913) 715-3011 for questions regarding eligiblity.  If your ticket involved an ACCIDENT, you must bring proof of insurance and proof from your insurance company that you have been released from liability and any claims for injury or property damage have been resolved, or the insurance company states that the claims are being resolved. This includes proof that you are not responsible for damages or that you have paid for the damages.

The following charges are NOT eligible for the in-court traffic diversion program:

  • Red Light Violations if also cited for speeding
  • Tickets issued in a construction zone
  • Speeding over 90 mph
  • Tickets issued in a school zone
  • Tickets issued in a public park (non-moving violations may be eligible)
  • Commercial Vehicle Violations

If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) you are not eligible for traffic diversion, regardless of whether you were driving a commercial vehicle at the time of ticket.

Please see the Specialized Traffic Diversion page for information about diversion on Driving While Suspended, Leaving the Scene of the Accident, Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor, Furnishing Tobacco to a Minor, Minor in Possession/Consumption of Alcohol, Reckless Driving, Fleeing and Eluding.

Diversion Process

Visit the Johnson County District Attorney Diversion Office located on the 4th floor of the Johnson County District Courthouse to pay your fees and sign your diversion agreement OR appear in court on your court date. The diversion office is open Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m.until 3:30 p.m.

Diversion fees and court costs must be paid in full at the time of signing. Forms of payment accepted include cash, money order, personal check, or credit card.  Use of a credit card is subject to service fees.  The diversion fee shall be made payable to the District Attorney Trust Account and the court costs shall be made payable to the Clerk of the Court.