Special Programs

The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Unit provides various special programs to assist the community at large. These programs vary from directly providing support to victims to increasing community knowledge and awareness of various aspects of the criminal justice system. Please contact the Victim Assistance Unit at 913-715-3004 for more information.

Domestic Violence Information Session:

Domestic violence advocates from the Victim Assistance Unit, along with advocates from SAFEHOME (the local domestic violence resource center) provide a daily information session for victims of domestic violence with an emphasis on available protective measures, community resources and safety, and the dynamics of domestic violence. Victims are also provided an opportunity to provide input regarding any relevant concerns and recommendations for needed intervention; which are then provide to a domestic violence court judge for consideration at the defendant's first appearance.

Emergency Cell Phone Distribution:

Victims of domestic violence may be eligible to receive an emergency cell phone upon request and availability. The capability of these phones are limited to contacting 911 in case of an emergency and are provided to offer an extra measure of security for individuals who are witnesses in a criminal case or have recently filed protection from abuse or stalking orders through the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.

ADT Alarm Program:

The AWARE (Abused Women’s Active Response Emergency) program is provided by ADT Security Systems and the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office, in coordination with local law enforcement agencies, to provide an in-home security system to victims of domestic violence at no cost to the victim or county. For more information on this program, click here.

Community Education and Outreach:

The Victim Assistance Unit staff is available to present on a variety of topics concerning the criminal and juvenile justice system within Johnson County, KS. For more information, please click here.