Victim Assistance

The Victim Assistance Unit in the Johnson County District Attorney’s office was established in 1978 in an effort to create a more compassionate and inclusive response for victims and witness involved within the criminal justice system. The clients served by this unit are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, homicide, DUI, and all other crimes against person and property. The needs of each victim are unique to their individual circumstances. The Victim Assistance Unit strives to lessen the impact of victimization for persons who have suffered from a crime. Due to the caseload of each Assistance District Attorney, there are victim advocates assigned to each case in which a victim is listed to serve as a liaison for the attorney—and to provide individualized response to each victim.

The successful prosecution of a crime would be impossible without the support and cooperation of crime victims and witnesses. The District Attorney’s Office seeks to provide assistance and open communication to enable victims and witnesses to feel included and increase cooperation. The unit as a whole provides general information about the criminal process, the role of the victim and/or witnesses, unit and community services, and specific information regarding the status of a case.

The unit provides the following in all criminal and juvenile cases: information packets and subsequent notification of all court hearings, crisis intervention and referrals, witness fee and mileage reimbursement forms for subpoenaed court appearances, case status updates, accompaniment to court, information and clarification regarding court proceedings, general legal terms, information regarding Protection from Abuse and Protection from Stalking Orders, notification to victims of upcoming parole and public comment sessions, coordinates the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), provides community education and public awareness presentations, domestic violence training for law enforcement, and coordinates a Juvenile Victim Impact Panel. For more information on services available from the Victim Assistance Unit, please explore the links to your left. Additionally, you may contact us at 913-715-3004.

You can find the District Attorney's Crime Victim Survey form here 

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