Traffic Diversion

Traffic Diversion Overview 

Traffic Diversion is an opportunity to have your citation dismissed if you comply with the terms of your Diversion.  Many tickets are eligible for Diversion and can be handled without a Court appearance.    

The Traffic Diversion Program involves three different programs. Each program listed below contains further information including the eligibility criteria and application process:

NOTE: DUI diversion is handled through the Criminal Diversion Unit. You may contact the Criminal Diversion Unit at 913.715.3114

The following offenses are not eligible for Traffic Diversion:

-    Speeding 21 MPH or more in a 70 MPH zone
-    Speeding 26 MPH or more in a 45-65 MPH Zone
-    Speeding 16 MPH or more in a 30-40 MPH Zone
-    Speeding 11 MPH or more in a 20-25 MPH Zone
-    Moving violations in a park, construction zone, or school zone
-    Running a red light while being involved in an accident
-    Any violation issued to a CDL license holder 
-    Overweight vehicle
-    Interlock violations

*****Diversion is also not allowed if the defendant has had a prior Traffic Diversion with the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office within the last 6 months. If you are currently on Probation or Diversion for another case, please contact the Traffic Unit 913.715.3011 or email [email protected] to determine eligibility for Traffic Diversion.


Violations requiring documentation 

Certain charges require specific documentation to be eligible for Traffic Diversion. You must provide these documents to the District Attorney’s office before you will be allowed to sign the Diversion Agreement and pay in full.

-    No Proof of Insurance
o    If you did not have insurance at the time of the citation, your current insurance must be a six-month prepaid policy

-    Registration
o    Vehicle’s current registration

-    No Valid Driver’s License
o    Valid driver’s license

-    Tint Violation
o    Proof of tint removal (receipt or pictures)

-    Fishing Without a License
o    Valid Fishing License

-    Defective Vehicle Equipment
o    Proof showing equipment deficiency is fixed

You may provide these in person or in Court, or forward documentation in an email as a PDF attachment.  If using the email option: Place your name as it appears on your citation, and the case number in the subject line. You can locate your case number using the Johnson County District Court website. If you fax the required document(s), ensure your case number, your full name as it appears on the citation, and your phone number are on the fax.  Our fax number is 913.715.3040.  
If your citation involved an ACCIDENT, you must provide proof of insurance and proof from your insurance company that you have been released from liability and any claims for injury or property damage have been resolved, or the insurance company states that the claims are being resolved. This includes proof that you are not responsible for damages or that you have paid for the damages.


Use the Online Diversion option, call the Traffic Unit 913.715.3011 or email [email protected] to begin Diversion prior to your Court date.  When calling, listen to the message carefully and leave a detailed voicemail.  If sending an email, be sure to include your name as it appears on your citation, and the case number in the subject line. 
You may visit the Johnson County District Attorney’s Diversion Office located on the 3rd floor of the Johnson County District Courthouse to pay your fees and sign your Diversion Agreement OR appear in Court on your Court date. The Diversion Office is available Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Diversion fees and court costs must be paid in full at the time of signing. Forms of payment accepted include cash, money order, personal check, or credit card. Use of a credit card is subject to service fees. 
Diversion is a privilege, not a right. Diversion may be denied to an applicant for any reason permitted by law. 
If you have any additional questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or contact our Traffic Diversion Department at 913.715.3011.